GEP::Core::Float::MatingProbabilityFunctions::DirectFitnessToProbability Class Reference

Directly maps fitness to mating probability. More...

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Public Member Functions

 DirectFitnessToProbability (bool fitnessCloserToZeroIsBetter)
override void SetMatingProbability (Common.Population population)
abstract void SetMatingProbability (Population population)
 Evaluates and assigns Genotype.MatingProbabilitys to all genotypes in population .

Protected Attributes

Random _random = new Random()

Detailed Description

Directly maps fitness to mating probability.

If Common.MatingProbabilityFunctions.MatingProbabilityFunction._fitnessCloserToZeroIsBetter is false, the mating probability of a Genotype is equal to its fitness.

If Common.MatingProbabilityFunctions.MatingProbabilityFunction._fitnessCloserToZeroIsBetter is true, the minimum interval that holds all fitnesses is inverterd and the inverted fitnesses in it are the corresponding mating probabilities

This mapping is very clumsy when extreme cases of fitness occur, deviating from the average.

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