GEP::Core::Float::ConstantsSetMutation Class Reference

Mutates constants in an alphabet of constants. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ConstantsSetMutation (float upperBound, float lowerBound, float mutationProbability, int n_MutationsCycles, Alphabet constants)
void GenerateMutationSequence ()
 Creates a new _mutationSequence. That can be later imposed on _constants.
void Next ()
 Imposes the mutation with index _sequenceIndex in _mutationSequence on _constants and increments _sequenceIndex.
bool HasMore ()
 Checks if there are more pre-created, unimposed mutations in _mutationSequence.

Public Attributes

float _upperBound
 The maximum value a constant can have.
float _lowerBound
 The minimum value a constant can have.
float _mutationProbability
 The probability of a constant to mutate.
int _n_MutationsCycles
 The number of times the constants of the alphabet will be subjected to mutation, before forming the next mutation sequence.
ConstantMutation[][] _mutationSequence
 The sequence of mutations. The second dimension holds the mutations in one cycle.
int _sequenceIndex = 0
 The current sequence index.
Alphabet _constants
 The alhpabet of constants that mutations are imposed on.

Protected Attributes

Random _random

Detailed Description

Mutates constants in an alphabet of constants.

Mutation means that with some probability a constant will change its value.

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