The genome of this genotype.

Each sub-array is a gene.

Constants are stored at the end of a gene, after the tail. Constants' position in the head and tail of the gene are denoted with null pointer. When a null is encountered, the first constant is picked, with the second null, the second constant and so on.

Definition at line 143 of file Genotype.cs.

Referenced by GEP::Core::Common::GeneticOperators::PartialTransposition::Apply(), GEP::Core::Common::GeneticOperators::Mutation::Apply(), GEP::Core::Common::GeneticOperators::Inversion::Apply(), GEP::Core::Common::GeneticOperators::GeneTransposition::Apply(), Clone(), CloneWithoutLinearStructure(), and GEP::Core::Common::Genotype::CopyLinearStructure().

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