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Subjects a segment of a head of a gene to inversion. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Inversion (double inversionProbability, int maxInversionSectorLength, bool applyOnNewGeneration, GenotypeSelection.GenotypeSelection selection)
override void Apply (Genotype[] parameters, int[] selectionIndexes, Genotype[] destination, ref int destIndex)
 Applies the genetic operator to parameters and new offspring is stored in destination .
override void Apply (Genotype[] parameters, int[] selectionIndexes)
 Applies the genetic operator to parameters .
 Inversion (Inversion symbol)
 Makes a shallow copy of symbol.
override GEP.Core.Common.Symbol Clone ()
 Makes a shallow copy of the current instance.
void Apply (Population population)
 Applies the genetic operator to member Common.Population._genotypes in population .
void Apply (Population population, Genotype[] destination, ref int destIndex)
 Takes out genotypes from population according to Selection and stores newly created genotypes in destination .
override string ToString ()

Protected Attributes

double _inversionProbability
 The probability of the invesion to occur in a gene.
int _maxInversionSectorLength
 The maximum length of the inversion sector.
Random _random
 Initialized in the begining. Used to generate random numbers.
GenotypeSelection.GenotypeSelection _selection
bool _producesNewOffspring
int _n_children
string _name
int _n_Parameters


GenotypeSelection.GenotypeSelection Selection [get, set]
 Defines how to select genotypes to be subjected to the operator.
bool ProducesNewOffspring [get]
 Indicates whether the operator produces new offspring.
bool ApplyOnNewGeneration [get]
 Specifies whether the operator is applied to the old generation or the new one.
int N_children [get]
 If the genetic operator produces offspring, this specifies how many child genotypes are produced.
string Name [get]
 Gets the name of this symbol.
int N_Parameters [get]
 The number of parameters the symbol accepts.

Detailed Description

Subjects a segment of a head of a gene to inversion.

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