int [][] GEP::Core::Common::GeneticOperators::GenotypeSelection::RandomAccordingToMatingProabability::Select ( ref int  selectionStartIndex,
ref int  selectionEndIndex,
Population  population 
) [inline]

Selects genotypes from population .

selectionStartIndex Indicates the starting index of the selection in the returned array. In some cases the selection array is already initialized and only parts of it must be returned. For optimization purposes the return values are not copied in a new array.
selectionEndIndex The last index in the selection.
population The Common.Population from which genotypes will be selected.
Returns an array of indexes of genotypes from population .

Implements GEP::Core::Common::GeneticOperators::GenotypeSelection::GenotypeSelection.

Definition at line 118 of file RandomAccordingToMatingProabability.cs.

References GEP::Core::Common::Population::_totalMatingProbability, and GEP::Core::Common::Population::Size.

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