GEP::Core::Float::FitnessFunctions::FitnessFunction Class Reference

Calculates fitness of Genotypes. More...

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Public Member Functions

 FitnessFunction (int teachingVariableCasesStartIndex, int teachingVariableCasesEndIndex, int testVariableCasesStartIndex, int testVariableCasesEndIndex, float[][] expectedOutput, int maxN_CasesOfNaNorInfinityToIgnore)
abstract void SetFitness (Genotype genotype, bool isTest)
 Sets the fitness of the given genotype.

Public Attributes

float[][] _expectedOutput
 The output expected for each variable case.
int _teachingVariableCasesStartIndex
 Indicates from what index teaching / learning cases start.
int _teachingVariableCasesEndIndex
 Indicates the last index of teaching / learning cases.
int _testVariableCasesStartIndex
 Indicates from what index testing cases start.
int _testVariableCasesEndIndex
 Indicates the last index of testing cases.
int _maxN_CasesOfNaNorInfinityToIgnore
 Specifies how many times a fitness function, with different variable cases, can be an invalid number, but still the genotype be considered fit.

Detailed Description

Calculates fitness of Genotypes.

Definition at line 15 of file FitnessFunction.cs.

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